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Batutek Teknik Kumaş San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. Batutek Teknik Kumaş San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

BATUTEK, which is one of the leading technical fabric manufacturers in Turkey with its 34 years of experience, operates in a total area of ​​5000 square meters, 2400 square meters of which is closed and 2600 square meters is open, in Denizli; liquid-proof mattress protectors with cotton-micro-polyester surface, fitted duvet covers, liquid-proof tablecloths, kitchen aprons, gloves and pot holders, shower curtains, tent fabrics, liquid-proof camping fabrics, digital hanging sheets and duvet cover sets, upholstery fabrics, beach upholstery etc. manufactures technical textiles.Our company, which supports its production quality with Oeko-Tex (Proofs that it does not contain carcinogenic substances.) and industrial registration certificates, markets its products to domestic and international markets. BATUTEK, which has an annual production capacity of 18 million square meters, has proven this with the capacity report received from the Ministry of Industry.In our factory, which has 12 digital printing machine tracks with a width of 320 cm, the products are packaged by making them ready for transportation to the final consumer as weaving, knitting and printing coated.Our company, which prioritizes customer satisfaction; While continuing its R&D studies with the latest technology in its laboratories with expert chemists, it continues its activities without compromising its quality, stability and trust policies.Batutek technical textile fabric systems : Denizli underclothes factory (wholesale underclothes manufacturing and production factory)-Wholesale Mattress-Underlayment production factory-Denizli Mattress Manufacturer-Underlayment manufacture

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Türkiye’nin öncü teknik kumaş üreticilerinden biri olarak Denizli’de 2400 metrekare kapalı , 2600 metrekare açık olmak üzere toplamda 5000 metrekare alanda faaliyet gösteriyoruz.
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